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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the MORFs come from?
The MORFs come from deep within a child’s imagination. They are not aliens. They live on Earth.
What motivates the MORFs?
The MORFs are inspired by adventure, exploration, discovering the unknown, and each other. They are driven to learn about animals because of their highly inquisitive nature. The MORFs love nothing more than to be happy, learn, and share their knowledge with their friends.
Can the MORFs morph into any object?
The MORFs only morph into the creatures and animals they wish to explore.
How many characters are there?
There are four MORF characters: Mimi, Oska, Rakoo and Fara.
Where do they live?
The MORFs live in their garden. When they journey to other locations they always return to their garden.
How old are they?
The MORFs are ageless, but they are very child-like in their appearance and nature.
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