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Come on a grand garden adventure with the MORFs, and watch as Oska discovers the wonder of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, while Mimi soars through the sky before settling in to care for some freshly hatched chicks.


Come on an adventure in the wild and wonderful jungle with the MORFs, and watch as Oska’s morphing fun begins with him discovering elephants can’t jump but are good swimmers and can use their long heavy trunks to spray water like a fountain, while Mimi wastes no time discovering that monkeys are great climbers and that having a long, tangly tail helps to soar, swing and leap between branches.


Come on a fun-filled garden adventure with the MORFs, and watch as Fara finds a fuzzy, buzzy bumblebee flying by a flower and discovers how honey is made, while Rakoo spots a teeny, tiny tadpole swimming in the pond but his splishy, splashy tadpole adventure sees him sprout legs and grow into a hippety, hoppety frog.


Come on a fast-paced adventure to the Rockies with the MORFs, and watch as Fara discovers the joys of racing through the forest as a clippity cloppity horse, while Oska learns fuzzy wuzzy grizzly bears can’t climb trees but are wonderful at catching fish.


Come on an amazing Australian Outback adventure with The MORFs as Mimi meets a jumpety thumpety kangaroo and her adorable joey, while Fara discovers the wild and wacky ways of the bristly thistly thorny devil!


Come on an icy Arctic journey with The MORFs and watch Rakoo's hilarious rolly-polly polar bear playtime, and follow Oska as he fights for his place in a rubbery flubbery walrus colony.


Come along to the beautiful beach with The MORFs where Mimi does a snappity clappity crab dance and Rakoo learns all about the amazing abilities of a tickly tangly octopus.


Come and explore the leafy English forest with The MORFs where Fara discovers a teeny tiny ant and learns that, when it comes to being strong, size doesn't matter, and Rakoo puts his super-speedy skills to use as a fluffy scruffy squirrel!

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